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For all your kitchen and front-of-house needs...

Chef Consultant

Gain insights and recommendations from Chefs with rich and exciting backgrounds, who have been part of the teams at some of the most prestigious restaurants in France and around the world.

These Chefs will bring their high standards, passion, and expertise to elevate your establishment. They will assist in defining your venue’s offerings, menus, selection of raw materials and suppliers, or even enhance your current offerings.


Benefit from the support of headwaiter trained in the finest restaurants and palaces globally, experienced with the most discerning clientele.

True conductors of the dining room, they masterfully orchestrate service and will guide you in redefining your commercial offerings and in-room entertainment to transform your establishment into a true “experience” for its visitors.


Elevate your menu with a selection of wines and spirits befitting your establishment by engaging the expertise of top sommeliers.

Our Mentors can guide you in (re)defining your beverage menu to complement your establishment’s concept, the local culture, and your food menu.

Discover hidden gems, source the world’s finest vintages, or redefine your beverage offerings with the invaluable advice of our sommeliers.


Let the most seasoned Bartenders revitalize your cocktail menu. From timeless classics to inventive creations, they will infuse your menu with the fresh flair needed to make your venue a must-visit.

Leave no detail to chance, from selecting raw materials to managing inventory and defining your commercial offerings!

Pour vos besoins en Marketing ou Communication…

Community Manager

Social media and blogs are pivotal in shaping the reputation and popularity of your establishment.

Entrust your Social Media strategy and account management to an experienced Community Manager specialized in the hospitality industry.

Benefit from the guidance and support of Community Managers who handle the sector’s biggest brands and establishments. They will make your Instagram account irresistible and engage the top influencers!

Graphic Designer

In an era where visuals, especially on social media, are key to communication, the visual appeal of your establishment is crucial. This encompasses both the interior decor and the online communication elements.

Engage graphic designers who are well-versed in industry standards to enhance your visual identity and both physical and digital content (menus, website, displays, social media, etc.).

Marketing Consultant

Defining your establishment’s offerings and ensuring its success and occupancy is never straightforward.

Benefit from the guidance of Marketing experts to advise you on your business plan before your establishment’s launch or to invigorate its operations.

Whether it’s pricing strategies, location, reservation policies, selecting communication or distribution channels, our Mentors will make your establishment stand out.

For your architecture and interior design needs...


A professional architect specialized in the hospitality and dining sector brings unique expertise to optimize every space, enhance workflow, and enrich the customer experience. The consulting architect operates at the intersection of art, functionality, and regulation, ensuring that your restaurant not only complies with safety standards but also offers an experience that is both tailored and in tune with contemporary trends!

Decoration & Interior Design Expert

Who crafts the ambiance of top-tier restaurants and hotels? Decoration and layout consultants are the maestros, adept at creating or rejuvenating your establishment’s universe and vibe.

They stand ready to guide you in arranging and furnishing your venue, aligning with accessibility and safety norms, and meeting modern customer expectations.

For your administrative, HR, and management needs

Legal Expert in Hospitality and Catering

The legal framework of the hospitality and catering industry may not necessarily be easy for entrepreneurs to grasp, and it can be very important to surround yourself well to be properly protected.

Do not wait for a dispute to be supported and informed by relying on a legal expert specialized in the hospitality and catering sector.

Chartered Accountant HCR

Find an accountant specializing in cafes, hotels, and restaurants. As an expert in the field, they will accurately understand the main concerns of leaders in the hospitality and catering sectors.

They will be able to support you daily at all stages of your project’s life, including company formation, the right choice of legal status, and the accounting management of your establishment.

Advice from prestigious entrepreneurs and experienced establishment leaders

Prestigious business leaders

Benefit from the advice of a selection of prestigious leaders, holding positions in the largest establishments in France or internationally. These privileged coaching sessions are an opportunity to take advantage of all the high-level management experience.

Successful business creators

Benefit from the valuable experience of those who have been through this stage before you! Take advantage of the advice from successful establishment creators who will guide you through the fundamental steps of creating and developing your business.

And many other areas of expertise to find on Sensei!

Food stylists, photographers, pastry chefs, interior decorators…