Let’s talk about Sens’ baby.

Payments 💸

It is necessary to provision the mission before launching it: it allows the consultant to safely recover the sum at the end of their mission. Several payment methods are supported on the site including payment by Bank Card (automatic validation) and Bank Transfer (validation upon receipt of the transfer).

Once the mission is launched, it is complicated to cancel it. However, if it needs to evolve or be canceled, you can discuss it directly with the consultant and a project manager on Sensei’s side to define the process to follow.

You will automatically receive an email confirmation of the mission payment, along with your billing information. If this is not the case, you can contact us by email to obtain your invoice or any necessary documentation – hello@joinsensei.co

Sensei offers you absolute flexibility, allowing you not to need a minimum budget to invest. Depending on your needs or budget, the consultants present on Sensei can advise you on the priority subjects to be addressed.

At the moment, it is not possible to make a payment in installments on the site, except in specific cases validated by the Sensei teams – hello@joinsensei.co

Consultants 🤝

During your initial exchanges, you will assess with the consultant the necessity of a physical intervention or the possibility of conducting the mission entirely remotely.

Once the mission payment is funded, the support is validated, and the consultant takes over. A Sensei project manager always remains in supervision and is available to answer your questions and ensure the smooth running of the missions.

Sensei brings together a large community of independents from the world of hospitality and catering. The majority of these independents thus have the status of a micro-business (often also called freelance or sole proprietorship).

The expertise of our talents is as varied as the projects proposed by the clients, and can relate to marketing, cooking, sommelier services, room entertainment, and more.

Your registration on Sensei is free, and our expert consultants will be delighted to discuss the platform and your services with you!

The only requirement for registration on Sensei is that you must have your own business (sole proprietorship, EURL, SASU, etc.). If you are only employed, you will not be able to register, except in the case of wage portage.

All the steps take place on your dashboard on the Sensei website. Simply send your proposal from the secure messaging system, once it’s validated, the client can proceed with the online payment and officially start the support!

Sensei is the first platform bringing together hospitality and catering professionals who wish to support entrepreneurs. We highly value this community of exceptional talents!

Therefore, we regularly organize meetings, events, and Masterclasses with our consultants to allow you to meet each other but also to understand what you need, thereby continuously optimizing Sensei!

In case of any further questions, our teams are available to assist you via email: hello@joinsensei.co 💌